2 Critical Keys for Success From Expert Coach Menachem Brodie

As an Expert coach, I’m constantly asked: What do professional athletes do different?  How did they get to the next level?Coach Menachem Brodie

While these seem like easy questions, the answers are actually complex. Every athlete is incredibly unique, complex and has their own strengths & weaknesses.   In addition, they have their own challenges- personal, professional, and athletic, which they need to overcome, and learn from.

But, there are two common threads:

  1. They focus on recovery. Doing it right and as much as they do their training. They give consideration to proper nutritional recovery as well.
  2. They understand the importance of properly designed & applied Strength Training to help them achieve their goals.

Sadly, the vast majority of athletes out there have three strikes against them when it comes to these two critical areas for success.

  1. Coach Menachem BrodieFirst, they use their training as a guide to their eating patterns. Meaning, they see exercise as giving them the ability to eat whatever they like, as long as their HR monitor or Power meter says they burned that amount of calories.
  2. Second, they do not take their recovery seriously. They skimp on sleep, skip meals, don’t pay attention to their non-workout day’s nutrition as much as they should, and their “easy” days, are far too hard.
  3. Third, they either avoid strength training or just dabble in yoga or Pilates thus missing the benefits of a properly laid out strength training program.

One thing that is unique about training for any sport, but especially when it comes to endurance sports, is that proper nutrition contributes significantly to both of these areas. An athlete can experience immense benefits in their training, and in their daily activities when nutrition is carefully planned out. It is vital that attention is paid to meal sizes, its composition and the timing of their meals. Meal planning can be tricky due to balancing a busy schedule of training, work and personal life. By having good high quality foods you can really help keep things working smoothly and efficiently.

This is the key difference a professional athlete utilizes to get to the next level.

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