A 90 day update from Alicia Eno on her use of InsideTracker

In June I had my blood tested by InsideTracker. Best choice ever. I had high levels of cortisol; furthermore, my liver enzymes were high, along with my inflammation markers.

Consequently, I had a lot of work to do. 

I started by following their dietary recommendations to increase:

  • spinach
  • wheat germ
  • nuts
  • peanut butter
  • whey protein
  • cocoa
  • avocado

I slowly integrated these foods into my weekly routine. This was easy to do because I just followed InsideTracker’s online recipes and food basket tailored to my individual needs. It was easy for me to do, and it took about 2 weeks to notice some changes.  I started to feel a bit more energy in my day. Based on the recommendation to meditate or engage in yoga on a daily basis,  I am seeing improvements in my cortisol levels. Additionally, InsideTracker recommends that I also reduce some hard interval workouts and read a bit more at night. Consequently, I added reading nightly for 15 minutes, and I reduced screen time as well.  Lastly, one of the major changes I made was to stop taking Tylenol PM on a daily basis.

By incorporating Cocoa Elite’s Recovery Protein into my diet, I achieve my whey protein and cocoa requirements from one product. Their Everyday Cocoa Whey is a great source of whey and cocoa flavanols without any additional carbohydrates.  I use this on days that I do not workout. The improvements are starting to show in my workouts. I feel stronger overall, and the early results show that it is paying off in my improved health.

My retesting in late August showed improvement in three of my high or watch areas.

Not bad for only 3 months of dietary change.

Without knowing what was going on from the inside, I was guessing. Now I can make educated decisions on what and how to adjust my diet to improve my performance.
However, my liver enzymes were still high. I learned that the high number was influenced by my working out the morning of my blood draw.  Lesson learned- Don’t workout on the day you have blood drawn to test for liver enzymes.

I also need to work on my inflammation group but definitely will over this fall.

I’m so happy for InsideTracker.

Since incorporating their suggestions, I have never slept better. I have PR’ed in the 20k distance and have had my best speed workouts to date thus far. InsideTracker is brilliant, and I am confident it will continue to help guide me toward improvement.


Alicia Eno is a marathoner and a very accomplished distance runner. She became the 17th person to complete a marathon in every state; she has also completed a sub-four hour marathon in every state, and is the 3rd US woman to complete a Boston Qualifying certified marathon in every state. Alicia has a passion for working with Autistic children.




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