An Essential Everyday Product

FINALLY, a balanced approach to health, cocoa, and an active lifestyle with the help of COCOA ELITE™!

COCOA ELITE™ products are created without any additives or preservatives. COCOA ELITE™ cocoa is a natural cocoa powder developed to preserve the cocoa flavanols! All of COCOA ELITE™ products will provide you with a minimum of 200mg of cocoa flavanols per serving for our endurance drinks and a minimum of 400mg of cocoa flavanols in our protein products.

Cocoa Elite Average Flavanols

Modern science is leading the way into understanding why the cocoa flavanols are so beneficial to your body. See our  LEARN MORE ABOUT FLAVANOLS  section to learn more about cocoa, flavanols and the science of both.

Our COCOA ELITE products when consumed daily, in combination with a balanced diet and healthy
lifestyle, support a person’s circulatory system**.  To obtain the full effect of cocoa flavanols you should use the product on a daily basis. We developed our products with this requirement in mind.

Chocolate tastes extra ordinary, but it’s the COCOA ELITE™ flavanols which are truly EXTRAORDINARY!