Cocoa Elite welcomes Susan Kitchen as our Ambassador as a Registered Dietitian – Sports Oriented

Susan Kitchen joins Cocoa Elite as an ambassador Registered Dietitian – Sports Oriented. We are extremely pleased to welcome Susan to our team. Susan Kitchen is the founder of Race Smart, LLC, a sports nutrition and long course coaching business dedicated … Read More

Cocoa Elite’s Newest Track Running Ambassador: Amanda Eccleston

Cocoa Elite is pleased to announce our newest member to the team of Elite Ambassadors, Amanda Eccleston.  Amanda will be joining our team as our Track Running Ambassador. Amanda Eccleston is an elite mid-distance runner who competes in events ranging from the … Read More

Joella Richard Baker as a Triathlete Ambassador for Cocoa Elite.

When we first met Joella we knew that this was one very special person. One who constantly gives more than she takes.  She has a passion for molding both raw talent and inexperienced individuals into the best that they can … Read More

New Cocoa Elite Ambassador: Track Running Brandon Hudgins

Brandon Hudgins joins our Elite Team of ambassadors as a member of our Track Running group. His passion for the sport of Track and Field overflows and shows in his desire to elevate the sport to new levels. He believes … Read More