In the Spotlight – Caitlin Hewitt

Normally our “In the Spotlight” features individual accomplishments or highlights someone who we have discovered. In the past, we have blogged about their achievements or their ability to overcome significant odds. Caitlin Hewitt is a bit of a departure from … Read More

Spouses: The Unsung Heroes of Sports, By Heather Wilson

For better or worse, for richer or for poor, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. While these vows are commonly heard at weddings, they tend to be especially tested when it comes to being the spouse … Read More

How to effectively warm-up as a cyclist? By Chris Mayhew

What should a warm up be? It should be a routine. Race day should feel like any other day in terms of preparation. The same food, the same routines, the same mental game. Don’t do something in warm up you’ve … Read More

Nutrients of Interest for Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes, by Katie Elliott, MS, RD

Plant-based diets are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Epidemiological research has shown that plant-based diets may lower body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Plant-based diets may also lower the risk of cardiovascular … Read More

Why I use Cocoa Elite’s Endurance Product, by Heather Wilson

Bonking, hitting the wall, carrying a piano on your back. Regardless of what you call it, every endurance athlete experiences it. The unwanted, sudden, and sometimes extreme fatigue will attest that proper fueling is the key to overcoming and ultimately avoiding … Read More

Why an Athlete Should Consult with a Registered Dietitian – by Katie Elliott, MS, RD

March is quickly winding down, which means National Nutrition Month is also coming to a close. Prior to the conclusion of this 31-day health fest, I wanted to talk a little bit about the nutrition experts, Registered Dietitians (RD/RDN). More … Read More

Injuries and Motivation , By Julie Benson

Injury – Now What? It’s a runner’s worst fear. It is the dream stealer, self-esteem buster, mental health shaker, and loneliness invader. Why don’t we talk more about the emotions around it? Fear of being weak? Too negative? Not looking … Read More

Eating Disorders and Athletes: What You Need to Know, by Katie Elliott, MS, RD

Sports are a playground for dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Yet athletic careers are also fragile, easily derailed, and often abbreviated. Fro m injury to burnout, there are many reasons dreams never become a reality. But of all the reasons hopes … Read More

The Effects of Yoga on Runners and Endurance Athletes, By Lauren Wentz

Many athletes are reluctant to try yoga. They believe they are not flexible enough or that yoga is just holding static poses for long periods of time and meditating. While some styles of yoga are more restorative and do involve … Read More