The Effects of Yoga on Runners and Endurance Athletes, By Lauren Wentz

Many athletes are reluctant to try yoga. They believe they are not flexible enough or that yoga is just holding static poses for long periods of time and meditating. While some styles of yoga are more restorative and do involve … Read More

How to Make Nutrition Your Secret Weapon in 2018 – By Katie Elliott, MS, RD

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“Just a tip – NEVER sacrifice fitness for your job.” – Samantha Fox

That advice came at a low point for me. I started working my first full-time job this fall after graduating from a 5-year intensive program for my bachelor’s degree. With 18 months of work experience under my belt through internships, … Read More

Off Season Weight Loss Tips by Kristen Arnold , RDN, LD, MS

The off season is the best time to lose weight for your sport (yes, even through the holidays!) Athletes often make the mistake of focusing on losing weight in the peak of their season. But this is when they are … Read More

Athletes need sugars – by Kristen Arnold , RDN, LD, MS

Why do athletes need sugar during workouts, what types of sugar are best, and where it should come from? Many athletes ask themselves how much sugar they should have, when, and from what sources. Studies show that eating or drinking … Read More

A 90 day update from Alicia Eno on her use of InsideTracker

In June I had my blood tested by InsideTracker. Best choice ever. I had high levels of cortisol; furthermore, my liver enzymes were high, along with my inflammation markers. Consequently, I had a lot of work to do.  I started … Read More