Cocoa Elite adds Hannah Jordan as a Teen Ambassador – drafted by Katie Cariker


When we featured Hannah Jordan as our premier “In the Spotlight” person, we knew we had a very unique person. It was an easy decision to add Hannah as our Teen Ambassador.


Photo credit: © Katie Cariker Photography & Design.

Born a fighter, we believe Hannah Jordan will quickly become one of the most inspirational teenagers you’ll ever meet. She lives her life by being an example for others.

Hannah wasHJ-13 born with a condition inhibiting her body from producing what it needs to remain metabolically stable. After endless hospitalizations in some of the most renowned medical care facilities in the country, her team of specialists began to come up with a plan to keep Hannah metabolically stable. Part of this plan includes Hannah wearing a backpack which houses a pump that provides her with a constant flow of a special metabolic formula, in order for her body to function properly. She has had this feeding tube and pump for almost 9 years. During the night her equipment and formula is attached to an IV pole. Without this flow of nutrients during the day and through the night, Hannah’s body would begin to go into metabolic acidosis, which would be life threatening. Part of daily life for Hannah is making sure the pump is working properly and giving her with the right amount of the metabolic formula to keep her going 24 hours a day

As a flourishing 14-year-old, Hannah is quite the over-comer. One might say she is stubborn, but this works to her advantage. Her fierce determination is profound, her capacity to reach beyond her capacity is exceptional.

At the age of 9, Hannah hopped on a bike without training wheels for the first time and did not get on one again until the age of 13 ½. It was at this time she quickly learned cycling was a strong passion of hers and rapidly became an avid cyclist. Homeschooling allows Hannah to balance her school life with her busy, but enjoyable schedule of training and cycling.

In 2015, she placed 2nd in her first race at the State Criterium Championship of Oklahoma (14 years and under age division). Since then, Hannah has trained non-stop and has entered many races, some of which have been against adults whom have considerably more experience.

Hannah’s zeal for life has sparked interest in all who observe her, leading to her current sponsorships by Colnago and Oakley. Hannah’s passion for cycling has led her to dream of going “pro” someday.

What holds us in awe is that Hannah has a desire for helping others which is as strong as her passion for cycling. In April of 2016, The Hannah Jordan Foundation saw its beginnings. This foundation seeks to instill hope in others to overcome their personal obstacles. Hannah’s life mantra has become “odds don’t determine outcome.” She truly and humbly lives this statement each and every day, and gives all the credit to her Lord Jesus Christ.

We enthusiastically look forward to Hannah sharing with us her perspective on cycling, life and leading by example.


Photo credit: © Katie Cariker Photography & Design.


We proudly welcome Hannah as our newest Teen Ambassador.




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  1. That is so awesome to have Hannah as your Teen Ambassador! I have been following her too from another Cycling Site and am very inspired by this young lady, for all the reasons you mentioned in your article. Thank you for seeing what a great contribution Hannah is for all of society, not just in the cycling world.

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