Cocoa Elite it proud to announce support of the Beadling Boys 2003 Soccer Club

100 Years of Beadling Soccer
Beadling  Soccer  Club  is  the  oldest  continuously  operating  soccer  club  in  the  country with is roots established around 1989.   Over the past  100+  years,  Beadling  has  built  a  tradition  of  champions based on sportsmanship, skills and team camaraderie.
This  legacy  translates directly to the current  teams. Success  is  a  result  of  hard  working,  enthusiastic and dedicated  individuals. Starting with the coaches, volunteers and parents who set the standards for the players.  Through  the  years  Beadling Soccer Club has  surrounded their coaches, players and teams  with  quality  people.  Individuals  that work  hard  and  believe  in   the  same  principles  of  those  coaches,  players  and  volunteers  of  100  years  ago. Deep tradition is the cornerstone which Beadling has built its success upon.
Cocoa Elite, LLC is proud to help sponsor the Beadling 2003 Boys Team.
The youth soccer program began in the 1960’s.  Beadling gave the youth program added impetus by providing a high quality professional coaching staff.  The Beadling 2003 Boys Team is the top team in this age group in Western PA and one of the top teams in all of Region 1.
Wearing a Beadling shirt, a player can be proud of the heritage and strive hard to live up to it. Cocoa Elite is honored to be a sponsor.

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