Anne McClain

Ultra Distance Runner

Born and raised in Rota, Spain, Anne started running while living on a naval base in southern Spain. However, she never thought of racing until she moved to Pittsburgh.

Anne is an accomplished marathon runner, ultra-runner, endurance athlete, and cyclist.

Anne has been a passionate runner for over 20 years, and the flame still burns strong. She has run over 40 marathons and ultra-marathons. In addition, she has competed in numerous cycling and triathlon events.

In 2015, Anne completed the 5-5-5, which is running 5 marathons in 5 consecutive days in 5 different states.  During 2014, Anne became Westmorland’s Choice Athlete of the Year.  She also has qualified for the USATF Phidippides Award in 2013-2016.  Last year, she placed first in her age group at North Coast 24 and hopes to repeat that later this year.

Currently, Anne is on a quest to run a marathon in every state.

Anne accredits her success in running and fitness for the passion she holds for life. She stated, “I believe we are all capable of accomplishing our fitness goals and reaching our full potential.”

When you are told that you will never be able to walk again, your focus on life quickly changes. Anne was in a serious car wreck that left her with a very long and strenuous recovery.  She was featured in 2012 in the Endurance Racing Magazine, and she has come back from adversity. Anne believes anything is possible. She thrives in accomplishing the impossible or what others may feel is impossible.You can also read more about that story here – Anne McClain In the Spotlight.

In May of 2018, Anne plans to run 335 miles in five days. Her goal is to run from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. and then bicycle back.

When Anne is not running, she spends time with  her husband, Robert, and her dog. Anne also enjoys volunteering her time for ultra-distance events and marathons. Either as a pacer, someone who hands out food and water, or assisting the event organizer, Anne gives to the sport over and over.