Brendan McKinley

Triathlete - Ironman

Brendan grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, PA.  It wasn’t until college that he pursued his competitive athletic passion.

After seeing the freshman 15 turn into an additional sophomore 10, Brendan decided he needed a life change. A friend challenged him to do a triathlon. His friend was  fully aware that Brendan did not know how to swim, had not ridden a bicycle in 15 years and did anything he could to get out of running.

After a couple months of on-and-off training, Brendan reached the starting line at the 2012 Philadelphia triathlon. Even though he swam into a bridge (jamming some fingers in the process), nearly fell off his bike after running into a partition and walked much of the 5k, he was hooked on triathlons.

In 2014, Brendan graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation, he moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh for work. There, he discovered his hidden passion for cooking, food, sustainability and the environment.

Brendan currently manages an Instagram account @brendanskitchen.  The site displays his creative dishes and self-developed images of his creations. We are looking forward to our products being utilized and featured on his site. His first post about us is featured here: Vegan Protein Shake.

In 2015, Brendan became even more serious about racing.

Just completing races was no longer the goal, and the hunger to improve became a driving  force. Consequently, he took the first step and hired a coach, Caitlin Glenn of Crew Racing, and added a new training buddy, Lily, a 7-year-old lab-retriever. From there, a more structured and consistent plan emerged.

At the end of 2015, three years after his first triathlon, Brendan completed his first full Ironman in Cambridge, Maryland.

2016 continued with more of the same, but consistency breeds results. Brendan climbed the age group ranks and occasionally even stepped on the podium in smaller races. This only made his winning desire greater. He set new personal bests in nearly every race in which he competed. He also finished the season with another Ironman, this time in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Over the off-season between 2016 and 2017, Brendan once again relocated. This time he moved from Pittsburgh to the Philadelphia area for a new job. He also became more serious about food.

Brendan’s mantra became “Nutrition is more of a fuel for training than a reward for training.”

Over the course of 2017, Brendan lost 30 lbs, which drastically improved his racing speed. As a result, Brendan was able to reach the podium repeatedly. He even placed in the top 10 at Rev3 Pocono Mountains and in the top 3 overall at the Pine Barrens triathlon.

The future looks even brighter for Brendan.