Chris Rotelli

Triathlete and Ironman

Coach – Runner – Triathlete

“Life won’t give you joy unless you really will it. Life just gives you time and space, it’s up to you to fill it.”

Describing Chris Rotelli in a single word, the word “competitive” is the logical choice.   His competitiveness embodies what has driven him from being an undersized volleyball player and runner in high school, to earning his AA Beach Volleyball ranking, a sub 10 hour Ironman, a 15:35 5k and more than a few sub 2:55 marathons.

However if you ask him what he is MOST proud of, Chris would respond with his love of coaching and mentoring athletes.  Over the past 23 years, Chris has been offering athletes of all skill levels advise and guidance. He provides proven knowledge to his clientele. They range in skills from novice to elite level and ages range from 5 to 79 years old.

From grade school cross country to collegiate volleyball, he has always measured success by how much he has positively influenced and guided others to their own accomplishments.

In 2011, from the urging (and help) of several friends, he started Team RPR (Rotelli Performance Racing).  Since the inception of the company, Chris has quickly grown from coaching four to over forty runners and triathletes.   He also coaches high school cross country and track for the Vincentian/Aquinas Academies. Chris has help the school achieve some amazing successes. The school is the reigning 3 time WPIAL Champions and ranked #3 in the state.

In his spare time, Chris also provides expertise to the Get Fit Families youth triathlon team. This has the added benefit as the team also includes his three children, Gianna, Matteo and Enzo, as team members.

“The look on an athlete’s face when they do something they previously thought was impossible is the greatest gift I ever receive as a coach”, Chris Rotelli.