Jerome Bareth

Ironman and Triathlete

Jerome was born and raised in France.  Then in 2007, at the age of 30, Jerome moved his family to the United State to pursue better career opportunities.  For the next several years, his priority was raising his young family and developing his career.  This brought the added stress of juggling new challenges like immigration issues and learning English.

Jerome is a man of perseverance and determination. He committed to making his new surrounding livable.

In 2015, although he was living comfortably in his new life, Jerome found himself falling into a rut.  Atypical of those nearing middle age: he was stressed, out of shape, and in need of inspiration. Somewhat randomly, a good friend invited him to join his relay team in a local triathlon. Picking the run was easy for Jerome since he wasn’t a cyclist or swimmer.  Waiting in transition for his swimmer and cyclist teammates to complete their legs, Jerome watched all the triathletes racing through transition. He observed how fit, healthy, and full of life and energy the athletes were.  Jerome knew this would be exactly what he needed. Being a triathlete would pull him from his rut. Even though Jerome never swam any great distance or even had a bike, Jerome signed up to compete in a local sprint triathlon series that week.

He bought a bike, hired a coach, and tried broccoli for the first time.

Those first few races were the challenge and triumph Jerome needed to relight the fire in his life, (even if he had to alternate strokes just to get through the 400 yard swim). The craving for more was immediate.
Consequently, racing in 2016 was plentiful for Jerome. He took on more sprints, two 70.3 races, the Age Group National Championships,  and a full 140.6 mile Ironman Triathlon.

The fire only grew.

In total, Jerome has now completed five full Ironman triathlons, 14 half Irons, and dozens of other races in only his first three seasons. He overcame his fear of veggies and is now a fully practicing vegan.  In addition, he even does yoga! Furthermore, Jerome has gone from nearing 40 and uninspired to 43 and inspiring everyone around him with an energy and positivity that infects everyone he meets.

In 2019 he qualified, raced, and finished the 70.3 World Championship race in his home country, France.

Jerome is currently focusing his sights on qualifying for the 2020 70.3 World Championship in New Zealand and then… Kona!