Julie Benson

Marathon Runner

Julie discovered her passion for running after the birth of her first child, roughly 11 years ago.  She hasn’t stopped running since.

Julie has run over a dozen marathons having worked towards the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. She is now a 2x Boston Marathon qualifier with no sign of stopping that streak.

Julie earned a dual masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and School Guidance Counseling while attending the schools of Lesley University and Umass Amherst.  She works as a full time Elementary School Guidance Counselor. A job she has held for over the past decade.

Julie is  a mom to two very active boys. Her husband is a police and SWAT team officer.  She is very active in her running community and is an active member of the Exeter Run Club, located in NH.


Julie’s nutrition journey was featured on the: Run To The Top Podcast, and Change Your Point of View Podcast. You can also hear firsthand the emotional roller-coaster Julie experienced from the terrorist acts at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Outside of spending time with her family, Julie loves musical theater, cooking, and fishing with her boys. She has a passion for helping other people break into health and fitness and support them in their personal fitness journey and goals. Julie’s desire to help others by sharing her knowledge about racing, nutrition and fitness clearly shines and permeates any conversation you’ll have with her. Undoubtedly her education background provides this strong foundation for such a giving personality on a day-to-day basis.
Nutrition and fueling are essential for Julie’s training.  We are proud to be a part of Julie’s arsenal.