Samantha Fox


  Samantha (Sam) Fox is a full time student and part time cyclist… or is it the other way around?

Sam grew up in Warren, Vermont a place she will totally and forever call home. Vermont gave her a great appreciation and a passion for the outdoors. She grew up skiing and snowboarding at Sugarbush resort. However, being a cyclist is her greatest joy.

In high school, her main sport was field hockey. Sam attended Miss Porter’s School until her junior year. She spent her high school junior year at the High Mountain Institute in Leadville, CO.  This outdoor educational school provided Sam with some of the most amazing experiences.

She got to experience;

  • living at 10,000 ft elevation,
  • learning how to cooperatively live with other students at an early age,
  • have class while on expedition in the Utah Canyons,
  • experiencing the Rocky Mountains on telemark skis.

Her senior year, Sam returned to Vermont and became the captain of the schools field hockey team. Under her leadership the team was the state champion.

Sam was also drawn to triathlons. However, she only had a cross bike, but this didn’t stop her. She  threw some road tires on the bike and raced triathlons. She participated in the Collegiate National Champions in Tempe, Arizona on her cross bike. Sam loves running and biking, but hated swimming. So she quickly transitioned to be a cyclist and only focuses on cycling.

Sam attends Drexel University which has a “co-op” program.

This program enables students to alternate taking classes full-time with full-time internships. Consequently, she spent her second internship in Zürich Switzerland.  While there she researched the efficacy of using sonification (translation of kinematic parameters to audio frequency) to teach a specific pedaling technique. When she wasn’t researching, she spent time falling in love with the Alps and who wouldn’t.

Sam spent another internship in Germany working for Ottobock Healthcare.  Her assignment included researching new developments for the orthotics and prosthetics industry. She spent the summer racing in Europe which gave her some opportunity to compete with European cyclists.  As a  result, the events greatly increase her experiences and skills as an all around racer.

She’s studying biomedical engineering and product design. Fascinated by what can make the body/bike system faster, Sam wants to use her studies to design more efficient bike parts while fueling her body with the best ingredients.

Sam loves being on the bike and being a cyclist. She believes”…We all have tough days that we struggle through. But its the thing that most consistently puts an unexplained smile on my face, no matter where in the world I am. I love riding fast, slow, on the road, in the woods, and everything in between.

 Find her in Philly or back home in Vermont and head out for adventures together!