Sean Gardner


Sean grew up in central Virginia in the heart of Richmond, where he found his passion as a cyclist. He was a runner in high school and competed in both cross country and track and field. However, Sean struggled with running injuries throughout his running career. Consequently, Sean began cycling and swimming for cross-training. He graduated high school in 2012 and attended Virginia Tech.

In college, Sean used his cross-training experience and decided to join the triathlon team. As a member of the Triathlon team, he made many lasting friendships and enjoyed the triathlon lifestyle. However, the mountainous terrain of Blacksburg, Virginia inspired Sean’s true calling of cycling.

Sean began attending group rides and became fast friends with local cyclists and members of the cycling team.

The president of the cycling team asked Sean to give cycling a try in the spring road racing season. He was immediately hooked by the “chess-like” strategy involved in a bike race and the thrill of being a competitive cyclist.

Sean began to work his way up the ranks in his cycling career and eventually reached the top level of racing. He helped the Virginia Tech cycling team dominate multiple ACC championships. Finally, his senior year put the icing on the cake with a 2nd place finish in the Collegiate National Championships.

Although it was hard to balance cycling with academics, Sean graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016.

Sean is currently on a domestic elite cycling team based out of St. Louis called Gateway Harley Davidson Trek U25 Development team. He travels across the continent, racing in professional races with his team, aspiring to reach the top level of cycling.

When not on the bike, Sean enjoys eating cookies, sleeping, and watching Netflix.