Shawanna White

Marathon Runner

Shawanna is a marathoner with the dream of qualifying for the US Olympic Trials in 2020.  She has been a Physical Education teacher for 11 years, primarily working with elementary students.  She is originally from Georgia and currently resides in Columbia, SC.

Shawanna became a runner in her sophomore year of high school while attending Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School. She started running because of her high school coach. He persuaded Shawanna to consider running track. She told him that he would have to ask her grandma for approval.

Shawanna’s grandma said yes, but with a stipulation. Since there wasn’t any family car to use and riding the bus at night wasn’t acceptable, the coach would need to provide transportation home for Shawanna. Ever since that day, she has been happy to lace up her shoes and go for a run.

Running has taught her that things might get difficult, but you keep on going. This attitude has helped her to inspire others. Shawanna loves being able to give back to others with the simple act of running. People are so surprised when she runs with slower runners and helps to encourage them on their journey.

 Shawanna believes that “It’s good for both of us. The beauty of this sport is that we can all help each to become the best runner possible.

Outside of running, Shawanna enjoys reading, movies and just being outside with friends and family.