Steve Hallman

Marathon Runner

Steve Hallman has been a fan of running for most of his life. Growing up in Langhorne, PA, Steve casually ran in school while attending Neshaminy High School . Even though he had some early success in the sport, Steve elected to stop his pursuit of running for a variety of reasons.

After a long hiatus of about 10 years, Steve decided to give running another try. Something in the back of his mind kept haunting him. The curiosity of “what could I have done if I kept with it” provided the motivation. The second-time-around Steve decided to pursue running with more vigor and passion.

He literally jumped in with both feet and started running marathons.  

He set a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon and selected the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon as his first attempt.  With a finishing time of 3:04, Steve easily qualified and competed in the Boston Marathon. Consequently, Steve has set a more ambition goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials.

Steve has began to slowly chip away at his finishing time and has hired a running coach to help him achieve his new goal. With advice and guidance provided by Esther Atkins, Steve is on track towards achieving his goal. His current personal best marathon time is 2:29 at the Dublin Marathon. He also finished 2nd overall at the 2017 Publix Georgia Half-Marathon with an impressive time of 1:09:16.

Steve’s other hobbies include hiking, traveling, yoga and paddle-boarding.