Theresa Firestine

Aquabike Triathlete

Theresa competes in the aquabike category within the triathlon discipline. She also competes in time trial cycling events.

Theresa discovered her love for endurance sports in her sophomore year of high school, which is when she joined the cross country team. She also joined the track team.

Theresa was the last student you’d expect to take up sports.

During her middle school physical education classes, she showed no strong love for sports or demonstrated any physical talent. Consequently, Theresa’s physical education teacher from middle school was astounded when she saw Theresa running with the cross country team. In fact, the teacher called Theresa to first confirm it was her, and more importantly, to encourage her to continue.

In 2012, Theresa added swimming and cycling to her physical activities. Her goal was to add those skills to her running abilities and compete in triathlons. However, a series of running injuries prevented Theresa from competing in her planned triathlons. Theresa decided not to give up or give in. She narrowed her focus to swimming and cycling and began to compete in the aquabike category of triathlons.

Theresa placed 2nd overall (age group)  in the 2015 Virginia Maryland Triathlon Super Series by competing in five of the series races.

She has continued to race and place in the aquabike category of regional races since then.

Theresa developed a passion for cycling as soon as her feet first hit the pedals in 2012. Now, Theresa competes in regional cycling time trials which is her primary focus.

Theresa is currently with Durata Training and trains with Next Step Performance.

Outside of swimming and cycling, Theresa enjoys the company of her guinea pigs and volunteers at the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue.

Theresa is a senior economist for the U.S. government and holds a master’s in Economics, Urban Planning and in Geographic Information Systems.