Tsitsi Merritt

Runner - Triathlete

While growing up in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Africa, Tsitsi developed her love for endurance activities. As a child she was always adventurous, seeking out new challenges. She traveled far, ran, hiked, and walked enormous distances.

Tsitsi, typically walked or ran to school on a daily basis. Her daily commute to school was a long journey of two to three miles. Furthermore, mandatory attendance at church was a three-mile hike.

“I had attempted to run and I remember racing one time in some athletic event. I realized then I was not really fast. My cousins were much faster runners, my aunt was a super sprinter, and my brother was a soccer super star, where did that leave me? A guest athlete, a drum majorette leader, and a member of the drama club.”

In 1994, Tsitsi moved to the United States to pursue challenging herself both academically and athletically.

Tsitsi took up swimming, biking, running, living, loving, and laughing a lot.  However, it all came to a screeching halt when Tsitsi was hit by a car as she was cycling home from a training ride. Tsitsi had to relearn simple reasoning and basic skills as she went through extensive therapy for 18 months. Her first race after the accident was in May of 2016 at the Brooklyn Half Marathon. A sub two-hour finish provided the confirmation that Tsitsi was on the right path towards a full recovery.

The inner athlete was reborn. 

Tsitsi raced in the Achilles Hope and Possibilities race and was the 3rd female overall. She continues to train and focuses on improving herself both physically and mentally.

Goals have been set, and her inner drive catapults her forward. Tsitsi has set a personal goal to realize her dream of representing her country in the master’s world championship. Tsitsi also plans to compete in a full Ironman.