Yateesh Mallya

Marathon Runner

Yateesh wasn’t very active in sports during his school years at Canara Elementary School and Canara College. He would skip the PT sessions considering the classes boring. He is an avid ping pong player and enjoyed playing the game with friends after classes.

Yateesh discovered the love for running by accident. 

After moving to the US from India, Yateesh started running for fun. He would run with colleagues on a regular basis. His goal was to regain his fitness and improve his overall health.  Watching the Boston Marathon in 2016 convinced Yateesh to set his sights on competing in the 2020 event. Yateesh hasn’t stopped since.

Yateesh ran his first marathon in 2016 at the California International Marathon, Sacramento, with a time of 3:38:40. During 2017, Yateesh competed in the same event. He demolished his personal record with a new personal best time of 3:27:52.

Yateesh plans to tackle ultra-marathons and possibly some Gran-Fondo events.  Additionally, he is always looking for recommendations for some other events outside of the California running community.

Yateesh works as a Tax Manager for a prominent national bank in Northern California.

Besides running, Yateesh loves to ride bicycles. He is also progressing in the sport of triathlons. Recently he placed third at the Oakland Triathlon Festival in a sprint triathlon.

Outside of being active, Yateesh likes photography, reading and cooking.  Yateesh is always looking out for adventures when he is not scratching his head over tax returns at work. He is excited to be part of the Cocoa Elite Team and we are honored to have him join.