ASICS Greenville Track Club-ELITE (aka ASICS GTC-ELITE)

Track Club

The ASICS GTC-ELITE  club is a post-collegiate, Olympic development training program based in Greenville, SC.

Their Mission is:

To develop and maintain an “elite” post-collegiate team for USA citizens in partnership with the Greenville Track Club, which will challenge for national championships, qualification for the US Olympic Trials and top performances in regional and local running competitions, while living and working in the Greenville community and providing inspiration and leadership for the GTC and local running.

This mission is based on sound developmental principals from tried, true and tested methodologies. Their four pillar structure ensures that all members of the club receive the highest level of services.

Their Four Pillars are:

  1. Create an opportunity for successful former college athletes (USA citizens) to continue training and competing on a national and regional level beyond their college years.
  2. Provide an environment in which training and competing can be the focus of those post-collegiate athletes (without the financial burden and necessity of working full time).
  3. Develop a central environment for those athletes to train together as a team, under the supervision of expert coaches & physiologists, with easy access to training/fitness facilities and state-of-the-art sports medicine.
  4. Incorporate the team members in local community activities to foster an excitement in the sport of distance running, and motivate future distance runners.

Most recently, ASICS GTC-ELITE developed four athletes who qualified for the 2016 USA Olympic Team Trials in the marathon.

Their current roster:

  • Kimberly Ruck, Clemson University
  • Alison Parris, James Madison University
  • Dylan Hassett, The College of William & Mary
  • Kate Dodds, Bloomsburg University
  • Carolyn Watson, Cedarville University
  • Mark Leininger, American University
  • Austin Steagall, University of Mt. Olive
  • Ryan Root, North Central College
  • Frank DeVar, University of Mary Washington

We look forward to seeing these highly skilled and dedicated athletes making an impact in the sport.