Boca Raton Triathletes

Triathlon Club

Boca Raton Triathletes (Boca Tri) mission is to promote an inclusive community that allows everyone to succeed in a supportive environment.

The core of Boca Tri is to provide an authentic, positive, welcoming community to all athletes.

As ONE group, Boca Tri has something for everyone of all ages and abilities.  With a mission to train together, socialize and support other members of their community as they strive to reach their personal goals. Triathlon can be a very overwhelming sport when first starting. As a result, Boca Tri hopes to provide a place to find people with similar goals, from Sprint to Ironman to Ultra.

They have members of all abilities who want to share their enthusiasm for triathlons and a healthy lifestyle.

Boca Tri does not tolerate misconduct, including cheating, bullying (cyber or in person) of any format. Integrity, honestly and dedication to the club and sport are the core values to which all club members must adhere.

Boca Raton Triathletes has received the Women for Tri grant four times. Thus enabling the club to run 5 groups and bring over 150+ new women into the sport of Triathlon. The club has plans for their 6th group this fall and targeting early 2109 season races. Also, Boca Tri received a grant from the USAT to help educate their members. With this grant they are able to provide two free clinics open to all members. The clinics provided were a 4-week swim clinic and a half-day detailed Foam Roller clinic.

In addition, Boca Tri was able to provide an educational grant to one of their members to become USAT certified as a Triathlon Coach.

In summary, Boca Tri is a group of people who like to swim, bike and run and play together.

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