Conemaugh Women’s Racing

Women's Cycling Team

Conemaugh Women’s Racing is Pittsburgh’s only women’s cycling race team.

The team name is inspired by the Conemaugh Group, a sedimentary rock system prominent throughout western Pennsylvania and the greater Appalachian Plateau. CWR hopes to develop women racers and to promote women’s competitive cycling in the Pittsburgh area, where women’s racing continues to evolve.

Formerly competitors on different teams, the Conemaugh ladies are excited to work together as an affiliated group in the team’s first season.  Although early in their inaugural season, the team is already establishing a track record of successfully working together to achieve podium placements.

Locally, you can find CWR racing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Bud Harris Oval, as well as at various local and regional races throughout the Mid-Atlantic States and beyond.

The 2017 roster consists of:


You can follow CWR throughout the year, via facebook – Conemaugh Women’s Racing.