District Track Club

Track Club

The District Track Club located in Washington, DC  mission is to serve local communities by developing, training and placing post-collegiate track athletes in positions of leadership in their sport within the community.  The founders of the DTC and all of their members share a commitment to a single guiding principle:

athletes who compete for something bigger than themselves, not only perform better in their sport, but they also plant the seeds of success and healthier lives in the communities and among the youth whom they serve as coaches, teachers and role models.”

The Management Team of The District Track Club consists of:

  • MATT CENTROWITZ  Team Director/Coach
  • DREW MEARNS Business & Program Development Director
  • TOM BRUMLIK General Manager + Coach

Their team focus is to develop Olympic and World Championship Contenders. 

The District Track Club has their sight on the 2020 Olympics but stress that they develop more than athletic performance.  In the next 12-18 months the DTC will direct their community engagement efforts towards educating youths, high school and college athletes, coaches and the parents of athletes.

All of the District Track Club’s athletes, beginning in 2017, will be required to contribute a minimum of 500 hours annually of practicum or internship experience towards improving the sport of track and/or elevate their status as community role models.  They will center their efforts on community growth by establishing relationships with running groups, fitness and educational organizations and health community services in the DC, Virginia and Maryland regions.

Their Athletes compete for something bigger than themselves.  They perform better in their sport and succeed with healthier lives in their communities.  They mentor youth and serve as coaches, teachers and role models for generations to come.