Femme Équipe

Cycling Team

Femme Équipe is a U.S. Domestic Elite Women’s Cycling Team.

A new team for 2019, they aim to develop new and experienced female cyclists by improving performance, instilling confidence and fostering relationships. This is accomplished through a supportive and inclusive mentorship atmosphere that exemplifies teamwork, sportsmanship, education and community involvement. Furthermore,  Femme Équipe is committed to promoting and providing opportunities for women to pursue and achieve their goals of competing at the national level.

Lori Nedescu is a long time endurance athlete. She currently specializing in long road courses,
finish climbs and stage races. Off the bike she is a registered sports dietitian,
freelance nutrition writer, ambassador & blogger. @CadenceKitchen

Jennah Dunham brings overall strength as a solid domestique, logistical pro & technical
descender. When not playing bikes, she is a community engagement operations
manager at Warren Wilson College. @Jennah_Dunham

Stefanie Sydlik brings experience as a professional cyclist. Additionally, she excels in power-to-weight courses and time trials. Off the bike, Stefanie is a chemistry nerd & professor at Carnegie Mellon. @StefSydlik

Cat Culkin has been quickly climbing the ranks of road cycling. Cat lends strength, spirit and
teamwork to all race conditions & course profiles. @yvng_cat

This small core team allows Femme Équipe to focus on their mission of providing opportunities to other women. Consequently, they can accept women as guest riding and provide mentorship at races throughout the year.  Moreover, it creates a strong, committed base of teamwork and leadership as Femme Équipe becomes more established.

Their race calendar will focus on Pro Road Tour and UCI races around the country. In addition, you can catch the team at:

  • Redlands,
  • Joe Martin,
  • Gila,
  • North Star,
  • Pro Nationals, and
  • Colorado Classic to name a few!

Finally, you can follow the team on Twitter or Instagram. @femmeequipe