Hurdle the Dead

Triathlon Club

Hurdle the Dead Triathlon Club is a USAT Registered Triathlon Club of Bedford, Harrisburg, Johnstown, Ligioner, and Somerset Counties of Pennsylvania.

This club provides their members with a sociable environment to share techniques, goals and knowledge about current health and fitness information. Additionally, the club membership interests represent the full spectrum of multi-sport activities. For example, some members enjoy competing in full Ironman. Other members prefer sprint distance events. The club’s goal is to have every member enjoy swimming, biking, and running or everything in between.

The Hurdle the Dead Triathlon Club has members of all ages and skill levels. 

Furthermore, the experienced club members are always eager to help out those who are new to the sport. This combination provides a great support system and an even greater pool of knowledge for its members.

Finally, you can learn more about this club by visiting their website  – Hurdle the Dead.