Louisiana BombSquad

7 on 7 Football Team

Louisiana BombSquad is a 501(c)(3) 7-on-7 football organization.

Currently the organization has teams located in the Lafayette and Shreveport, LA areas.  Louisiana BombSquad serves emerging athletes across the state through competition and training.

Louisiana BombSquad mission is to develop well-rounded talent on and off the field.  They focus on preparing athletes and families both academically and athletically. The organization accomplishes this by providing details about the recruiting process, ACT/SAT testing information, football camps, combines, and college visits. The organization’s recruiting database is also noteworthy to the athletes. The management team uses this tool to help put their athletes in front of their dream college.

However, Louisiana BombSquad also focuses on building good moral character within the athlete’s mindset.  Thus they build an ever stronger athlete and role models in their communities.

The management team of Louisiana BombSquad is comprised of individuals who have deep knowledge of what it takes to build talented athletes. In addition, they have specialty in all aspects of what it takes to mentor and direct individuals. Most of all, the team recognized that the athlete needs to have a strong desire to excel in sports and personal achievement.