Philly Bike Expo

Cycling Team

This team rides for The Philly Bike Expo, which is a gathering that  features cycling Artisans, Activists, and Alternatives. This is their 10th year anniversary!  Bina Bilenky Trahan is the team manager and is also the owner of the The Philly Bike Expo.

Samantha Fox:

Age: 25
Racing Category: 1
Years racing: 5
Favorite Race Type: Technical Criterium

Sam Fox doesn’t skip a chance to ride a bike and she’s got the scars to prove it. A Vermont native and Philly dweller, Sam’s resume includes many cornered criteriums and late night pastry runs. When her feet are planted, Sam enjoys sewing bags, working as a biomechanist, and hugging stray cats.

Taylor Kuyk-White:

Age: 31
Racing Category:
MTB: 1
CX: 1
Road: 1
Years racing: 4
Favorite Race Type: Jack of all trades, master of fun

Taylor’s year-round love for playing bikes in the pro fields is kept in balance by her passion to make bikes a tool for enhancing the community. She lives in a West Philly Co-op house (ask her about collective home ownership).  She works for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (ask her about youth empowerment, equity and inclusion in cycling!).  Finally she trains, races, and promotes the Philly Bike Expo (ask her about the only Woman owned and run Bike show in the world!). #dormiresmorir

Bina Bilenky:

Owner/Event Director, Philly Bike Expo & Manager, Philly Bike Expo Elite Women’s Team

A tourism degree from Texas A&M and growing up managing the Bilenky Cycle Works shop prepared Bina for owning and directing the Philly Bike Expo.

When Bina is not busy during the Expo season, she can be found running (for exercise or after her 3 year old), riding, or traveling.

While she does not race, Bina has ridden the Tour d’Afrique (Khartoum to Cape Town) while working as their assistant tour director in 2014. She is proud to support the Philly Bike Expo elite women’s team from the sidelines with seltzer, veggie chips, encouraging words and of course Cocoa Elite recovery products.