Rivet 5 Racing

Cycling Team

Rivet 5 – VERGE Racing is a first year cycling team based in Pittsburgh, PA.  

The team’s current roster is:

With the exception of Josh, the team consists of master cyclists in  the 40+ age category.

Everyone on the team realizes cycling is not going to be their main career.

Therefore the the team’s focus and goals are on the enjoyment aspects of the sport. By racing and training together the team has bonded quickly.  Thus, Rivet 5 Racing has strengthened their core value of working well together.

Regional races in PA, NY and OH are the locations where Rivet 5 will be mainly competing. However, they have targeted a few National Races throughout the coming race season.

Besides Cocoa Elite, their current sponsors include: VERGE Clothing, Big Bang Bicycles, Patti’s Pasticceria, MORR Gear Glasses and GIRO Helmets. In addition to promoting their sponsors, Rivet 5 Racing enjoys assisting new riders, both young and old.