Franklin Hewitt

Speed Skating

Franklin or Fuse-2rank as we know him, went to Belle Vernon High-school which is a small town just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He joins Cocoa Elite as a speed skater.  Frank has shown great abilities in this sport and has started to strengthen his natural abilities.

Inline speed skating is competitive racing on roller speed skates and it is actually much like speed skating on ice. The races can vary in distance on a closed circuit course from 100 meters to 1600 meters in distance.

Frank got started in this sport when he went to a friends birthday party at a local rink. He became instantly hooked and enjoys being a skater.

Frank has been refining and developing his abilities in this sport since 2010.

He formally skated for Valley Speed, based at the Valley Skating Center in Donora. With over 6 years under his belt, Frank has been working hard to make a name for himself in this unique sport. His work ethic is profound.

use-3In 2011, Frank placed 2nd in the national junior men’s division.

During 2013, Frank join a league called the National Speed Skating Circuit, better known as PRO-NSC.

Following in 2014, Frank won a national bronze medal as a skater in the 500-meter event.

Recently, Frank won the gold in the 500 meter and the title of sprint champion at the last NSC event.

Outside of his training, Frank enjoys spending time with his family and his beautiful girlfriend. It was no surprise that they met through skating. Frank recently moved to Salt Lake City to support her career in ice speed skating.

Frank has an easy-going personality and he loves making people laugh.

His favorite part about the sport is working with the younger athlete as they look up to him as a role model. Knowing that he is helping them with either technique or simply their confidence Frank feels a sense of accomplishment.