Kristy Fabean

Personal Trainer

Kristy has over 10 years of personal hands-on experience working with individuals ranging from adolescence through seniors. Kristy has also shown she can adapt to almost any given fitness area including:Kristy-closeup-2

  • weight loss
  • strength training
  • conditioning
  • injury prevention
  • wellness coaching
  • endurance training

Kristy holds several certifications by accredited affiliation in the Personal Training space. These accomplishments provide her the knowledge and gives her the ability to offer a wide range of personal services to her clients. She has taught over 20 unique classes ranging from mat Pilates to Boxing Fusion.  She routinely holds classes for boot-camps, step aerobics and even trains individuals to compete in their first 5k or marathons.

She approaches each client with an understanding that most people want to use fitness as a stepping stone to health, vitality, confidence and self-respect. She will design an exercise program for each client based on the knowledge she has gained from the magnitude of people she has helped.  She then demonstrates the exercise and explain the rationale and value of the workout.

Kristy is also very keen on motivating which is far more difficult because it involves the mind rather than the body.  “Attitude is everything, if you have the mindset, then the workouts become second nature.”, Kristy explains. “….my job is to keep my clients on target by supporting all of their small achievements.”

Kristy is a welcome member of the Elite Team of ambassadors!