Nathan Powell

Mountain Biker

Nathan began mountain biking because he loved what fitness did for his body and the health benefits that come with staying fit. But he didn’t necessarily love the fitness activities he was doing to get in shape. Originally he was running almost every day for the health benefits, but when he bought his bike, fitness became a fun and uplifting activity for him. His fitness journey is an inspirational one as he went from running as a chore, to biking as a hobby and a way to lift his spirits.

Along with competing, Nathan is very notably recognized within the mountain biking community of Northern California.

Nathan is passionate about racing mountain bikes and competes in many different venues throughout

In 2016, Nathan competed in three different national mountain bike events, with the pinnacle of his success in becoming the Cat 2 2016 Champion.

Nathan is always supporting the mountain biking community outside of his personal endeavors by: 

  • helping build new trails
  • maintaining existing trails
  • participating in board meetings for the mountain bike association
  • coaching high school students
  • providing knowledge to help high school students develop skills and fitness for use on the mountain bike
  • conducting “adventure rides” all throughout Northern California

We love having Nathan Powell in our Cocoa Elite family. We look forward to being with you on your journey and seeing some amazing scenery along the way!