Renee Blundon


Renee Blundon is a competitive freediver from the USA (Connecticut, New York, and Maine). Consequently, she travels year-round between Egypt, Europe and the US to train and compete in freediving competitions. Renee was born and raised in Lyme, Connecticut, with a profound love of the water from the early age of five when she first learned to swim. She was a certified lifeguard for three years in her teens and joined an adult swim team at 19. This provided the training to become a life-long skillful swimmer.

Renee has been freediving full-time for the past four years.

Within this short time frame, there isn’t much Renee hasn’t done.  She became a freediving instructor for three different agencies (PADI, Apnea Academy, and AIDA). Renee was the 3rd deepest female freediver in the USA in 2017.  In addition, she holds the CMAS USA national record in free-immersion with a dive to -62 meters (203 ft). During a recent training dive, she freedived to a new personal best of -73.5 meters (241 ft). Renee was the female winner of the 10th Edition of the RedCcup Freediving Competition.  Furthermore, she won the deepest female free-immersion dive in the competition with a freedive to -70 meters (230 ft).

She is also on the US Freediving Team and competed in the 2018 CMAS Freediving World Championship in Kas, Turkey. Her biggest strengths are versatility, consistency, and knowledge gained from training and teaching freediving internationally.

Qualifications and Accomplishments:

  • Master Freediving Instructor
  • EFR Instructor Trainer
  • Female champion and winner of the deepest free-immersion dive during a RedCcup competition
  • Founder of and
  • 3rd deepest female freediver in the USA in Free-Immersion with a dive to -70 meters / 230 ft. (AIDA)
  • 3rd deepest woman in the USA in 2017 with a dive to -63 meters / 207 ft. (AIDA FIM)
  • Freedived to -73.5 meters / 241 ft. in free-immersion during training
  • Member of the 2018 USA CMAS Freediving Team
  • PADI Ambassadiver
  • Freediving Instructor (AIDA, PADI, and Apnea Academy)
  • Advanced Equalization Instructor and a Monofin Instructor (Apnea Academy)
  • Emergency First Response Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • USA National Record Holder in Free-Immersion
  • 5 min 20 sec breath-hold

When Renee isn’t traveling, training, or competing, she writes poetry and stories about freediving. Renee also enjoys running, swimming, trekking, drawing, rock climbing, photography, videography, underwater hockey, yoga, and singing.

Finally, you can learn more about Renee by visiting her personal website: