For Athletes

So what do you reach for when you finish your workout? Do you ever look at the ingredients in your product? Are you tired of trying to understand what those ingredients are or even how to pronounce them? More and more athletes are turning away from over-processed, chemical laden products and reaching for a more natural product.

COCOA ELITE™ products have been engineered to fit well within this profile making your reach attainable. Our products will have a limited number of natural ingredients combined with our cocoa powder. Our protein powders deliver at least 400 mg of flavanols per serving.  While our Elite Endurance product delivers over 200 mg per serving. There are several studies which have documented the benefits of using milk as a recovery drink with an impact on athletic performance (see the LEARN MORE ABOUT FLAVANOLS section for more information). Our initial research has shown that cocoa flavanols help support the circulatory system which in turn aids in the recovery process**. This research led to our “patent pending” formulation which is now patented.

Good nutrition and the timing of nutritional replenishment can make a big difference on performance. If you’re a seasoned athlete you already know this. If you’re a newcomer, eating correctly is a significant part of being an athlete. Why not reach for COCOA ELITE™ products for your body’s delight!