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We will highlight individuals who have shown a passion or strong commitment to health and/or fitness. This recognition does not necessarily mean they won an event, but they serve as an examples to inspire, motivate or encourage others.

If you are interested in being featured or know someone who is, please share your story with us for consideration!

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In The Spotlight – Meghan Fillnow

We have been following Kelly Fillnow’s twin sister Meghan for a few years. Meghan is quite an accomplished athlete and has been making herself widely known in the ironman competitions during 2019. Meghan (NAFC, USAT, and RRCA certified) grew up … Read More


In the Spotlight – Alexandra (Alex) Gongas

Around the time Alex was second grade, she developed a strong desire to be on a sports team. She didn’t seem to care which sport she competed in; her goal was to be on a team. The only option for … Read More


In The Spotlight – Anne Torrez

It took a long time for Anne to consider herself an athlete…. 2009: Anne was 27, newly married…and miserable. No, she didn’t marry the wrong guy. She knew Sean was right for her shortly after meeting him. She didn’t know … Read More


In The Spotlight – Theresa Firestine

Theresa feels far from being an elite cyclist. She also doesn’t believe that she deserves the spotlight. However, she agreed to share her story with the hope to inspire others. Although Theresa didn’t come close to shattering a record, or … Read More


In the Spotlight – Caitlin Hewitt

Normally our “In the Spotlight” features individual accomplishments or highlights someone who we have discovered. In the past, we have blogged about their achievements or their ability to overcome significant odds. Caitlin Hewitt is a bit of a departure from … Read More


In The Spotlight – Austin Steagall

We wanted to learn more about Austin.  We think you will enjoy reading more about this talented and up-and-coming runner. He competes at the highest level in his sport. However, his journey there wasn’t easy. Austin had to deal with … Read More


In The Spotlight – Tsitsi Merritt

What can we say about Tsitsi Merritt in one word? Determined. Tsitsi is a person who overcomes the adversities that life puts in her path. A person who takes on the hurdles in her way in one perfect stride. While … Read More

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In the Spotlight – Jenny Senko

“Giving is easy for her”. That’s what we learned about Jenny Senko. At a recent sporting event, we met a woman with a puppy that was wearing a special vest. Being avid animal lovers, we struck up a conversation with … Read More


In the Spotlight – Erin “Airza” Bosley

“Being deaf doesn’t stop me”  We are honored to feature Erin Bosley as our “In the Spotlight” candidate. Erin aka “Airza” was born on June 26, 1981. At the age of 15 months, she become deaf due to a meningitis … Read More


In the Spotlight – Chrysta Rands

Dream big, chase the dream, try to grab it. Those are the phrases that describe Chysta Rands. Chrysta Rands grew up in Donora, Pennsylvania, a small town in western PA that was hit devastatingly hard by the decline of the steel … Read More

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