Nathan Powell joins Cocoa Elite as a Mountain Biker Ambassador

np-002   We are extremely pleased to add Nathan Powell as our newest ambassador for Mountain Biking. Nathan is someone we have been following for a while and we are very excited to see where he will take us as he journeys through life.

Nathan has been into fitness all his life, but everything changed the day he bought his bike.  Prior to biking Nathan was running almost every day, not out of the love for the activity but more for the health benefits. However, when he bought his bike things changed, his exercising and fitness activities became fun.  He hasn’t stopped having fun since and hasn’t looked back. Cycling has become a big part of his life, and has become not only a hobby he enjoys, but a hobby that he loves doing.

Nathan has a passion for racing mountain bikes and competes in many different venues all throughout California. In 2016, Nathan competed in three different national mountain bike events, with the pinnacle of his success in becoming the Cat 2 2016

Nathan is very active and notably recognized within the mountain bike community of Northern California. When he isn’t riding his bike you will find him helping build new trails, maintain existing trails, or participating in board meetings for the mountain bike associations.

Nathan also has a passion for coaching high school students and provides his knowledge to help them develop skills and fitness for use on the mountain bike.

He now conducts and leads “adventure rides” all throughout Northern California. The rides he leads explore the back country of the Sierra Nevada’s and the coastal mountain range of Northern California, some of the most picturesque places in existence. His rides turn out of be a test of not only strength and fitness but also a test of will and mental toughness.

We are excited to have Nathan as part of our team.  We look forward to him sharing his knowledge as well as showing us some absolutely amazing scenery on this journey.

Welcome to the Cocoa Elite Team of Ambassadors!


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