Our Products


Cocoa Elite takes great pride in creating the highest quality products based on a superior cocoa powder which contains over 400 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving.  Using this cocoa powder as a basis, our goal is to design and develop products to provide the benefits of the cocoa flavanols based on our  Patented formulation.

Not an extraction, not a supplement, but as a food in the superior cocoa bean’s natural state.

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Our product development guidelines:

  • Base products on a limited number of natural ingredients.
  • Avoid preservatives and GMO based ingredients.
  • Protein products based on 400 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving.
  • Endurance products based on 200 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving.
  • Utilize athletes and registered dietitian to help design products.
  • Solicit customer feedback.
  • Provide vegan and non-vegan options.
  • Base Cocoa Elite products on science and research , not fads and current marketing hype.

The result?  Our products are truly extraordinary when it comes to both health benefits and taste.

When consumed daily, scientific studies have shown that in combination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, cocoa flavanols help support a person’s circulatory system. This includes the healthy circulation of nutrients and oxygen, head to toe** and boasting a rich cocoa flavor you must taste to believe!

It’s the healthy way to enjoy cocoa!

How can Cocoa Elite’s Complete Products enhance your life? Simply by adding the power of cocoa flavanols to your athletic routine, whether it’s walking around the block or running a ultra-marathon.

Most of all, experience the benefits of cocoa like never before and order your Cocoa Elite Products today!