How to properly use Cocoa Elite’s Everyday Whey for each type of athlete and workout – by Kristen Arnold, RDN, LD, MS

Proper recovery after workouts and competition is essential to all athletes and active individuals. Knowing the right amount of  carbohydrates and protein and in the correct ratio is often discussed among athletes. See my previous blog, “How to properly use recovery products for endurance athletes” for more information on this topic.

Cocoa Elite’s Everyday Whey is a versatile product that can accelerate recovery time for athletes of all sports and levels. It should be consumed with 6 oz. of water, milk, or plant-based milk within 30 minutes of finishing a workout.

In addition, this product is also beneficial for meeting daily protein needs while restricting calories to lose weight. Cocoa Elite’s Everyday Cocoa Whey provides the added benefit of delivering cocoa flavanols, which help support the circulatory system. **

Recovering from a cardio or power-based workout of 45 minutes or less

Even short workouts diminish glycogen stores, which must be replenished with carbohydrates. A 2×1 or 3×1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein is enough to replenish glycogen stores after a short workout. Try adding a banana (30 g carbohydrate) and 1.5 cups of milk (30 g carbohydrate) to a smoothie with the Everyday Cocoa Whey for a tasty post-workout smoothie.

Recovering from a 1-3 hour workout

A 4×1 or 5×1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein will effectively replenish glycogen stores for a longer workout. To consume 90-120 g of carbohydrates, eat a starchy vegetable in addition to the above smoothie. Try drinking the smoothie within 30 minutes after the workout and then eating 1 cup of sweet potatoes (60 g carbohydrate) within 1 hour after the workout. By consuming foods with a variety of carbohydrates (short-chain carbohydrates from fruit and dairy and long-chain carbohydrates from potatoes, corn, or peas), the glycogen will replenish at an ideal rate.

Athletes on a Ketogenic Diet

For athletes who are intentionally restricting carbohydrates to fat-adapt, adding carbohydrates is not necessary. Simply mix the Everyday Cocoa Whey with water and you are good to go.

Individuals who are trying to lose weight

Don’t skip the carbs or protein! Contrary to popular belief, consuming protein and carbohydrates after a workout in the same manner as above is necessary for athletes and active individuals working to lose weight or improve their body composition (lose fat and gain muscle). Some people believe that by not eating after a workout, they are burning fat for a longer period of time. In fact, by prolonging the time of eating after a workout, these individuals’ metabolism slows down. Consequently, their bodies use muscles rather than fat stores for fuel. Waiting to consume calories after a workout also prolongs the recovery time. So these individuals are not able to workout to their full potential or burn as many calories during their next workout.

In conclusion, Cocoa Elite’s Everyday Cocoa Whey is a great addition to consider for supporting nutritional strategies. It is a multipurpose product that not only provides superior proteins but delivers 400 mg of cocoa flavanols with each serving.

Kristen Arnold is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. She has a Master’s in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University.  Kristen also owns a private practice nutrition counseling business focusing on performance nutrition for athletes.

In addition, she coaches for Red Kite Coaching. There she coaches entry-level to national elite-level cyclists in mountain, road, and cyclocross bike racing. Kristen is also a professional cyclist for Velo Classic p/b Stan’s NoTubes domestic elite women’s cycling team. She competes in national-level races across the USA and Canada.

In 2016, Kristen placed 4th overall in the Intelligentsia Cup powered by SRAM, top ten at the Professional Road Tour Goose Island Grand Prix, and 7th in GC at the Green Mountain Stage Race.

Contact her here: Kristen Arnold.

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