Student X is Olympic Hopeful, by Myles Silverman

The path to the Olympics is long and rigorous, filled with the cliché of blood, sweat, and tears. Selection for the 2018 Olympic Team meant you needed to be one of the 242 individuals selected out of 323 million Americans. Said another way, you have a .00000074922% chance of becoming an Olympian.

In my specific event, Alpine Snowboard Racing, only two men qualified to represent our country in 2018. This means that to make the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, I need all the possible advantages over my competition. One advantage is that I use nutritional products from Cocoa Elite. Another significant advantage is my focus and dedication to excel.

I am 22 years old, and my name is Myles Silverman.

I am currently a senior at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and I anticipate graduating in December of 2020. With my current situation, most of my training takes place off the snow. My snowboarding is quite limited due to scheduled classes. However, every day I make an effort to put myself one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal.

As most of my training takes place in the gym, I must make sure I have the proper nutrients to enable my body to fully recover and prep me for another day of rigorous workouts. That is where my use of Cocoa Elite products comes in.

To maintain a Dean’s List GPA and make sure I am on the right track for the upcoming Olympics, I have implemented 3 steps that have allowed me to maximize my chances

Step 1: Organization

This is probably the most crucial step to allowing me to train, compete, study, and have a social life. I try to have three different planners:

First: my personal planner that I carry with me to each class. This enables me to write down anything that pops into mind when I am studying. I also use it to log my homework that I accumulate throughout the day.

Second: a whiteboard erase calendar specifically for my dorm room. This enables me to sort out my important events, tests, and to-do lists. This tool lets me prepare and maintain my focus daily as I tackle another day.

Third: my cell phone. I can use this technology to remind me of upcoming flights, appointments, and emails. This keeps me socially aware of what I need to be doing to interact with the people helping me.

While attending college, I make it my priority on Sundays to prioritize what I need to do each week. These can be things that I need to do for family, friends, sponsors, hygiene, etc.  As I complete the objectives, I cross them off. This allows me to relax or move onto the next task at hand.

Step 2: Planned workouts

  1. Plan your weekdays
    1. Since I currently spend most of my time with my head in the books, I am not able to train on snow. So when I work out in the gym, I make sure I know what I need to do to fulfill my workout goals, feel stronger, and feel as though I have done everything possible to put me a step closer to making the Olympic Team. As Jerry Rice once said: “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”
  2. Plan your routine
    1. These workouts allow me to know which day of the week I am focusing on which muscles. Then once I get to the gym, I have a set routine so I know how many sets and reps I need to do. This allows me to mentally prepare myself for the workout and feel more motivated in my results.
  3. Plan your nutrition
    1. One of the most important things that I try to focus on after a workout is having my Cocoa Elite protein within 30 minutes of my workout. I feel as though I cannot emphasize this topic enough. I am putting in all my effort to make sure I am organized enough so that my workout will be beneficial. However, if I do not have the proper nutrition following my workouts, my efforts would be pointless.

Step 3:  Balancing Social Life

All work and no play make Myles a dull boy. I cannot agree more with this statement, especially as a college student. I believe that balance is fully important to experience the college life. This can mean alcohol and late-night foods. I also believe that it is easy to get sucked into the college life, and an appropriate balance is needed.

Once a week and on special occasions, I make sure to treat myself. If I have been sticking by my organized structure and my workouts, I deserve it! But it is crucial that if I know I am going to go out drinking, I need to be able to get to the gym the next day and work everything off.

Being on a path to the Olympics is a rare goal. It is hard for people, friends, and family to realize how much effort goes into pursuing the goal. The dedication required is daunting at times because distractions are plentiful. It also means that it is easy to fall off the path or deviate from my plan. The temptation of being dragged into a non-athletic lifestyle is always present. I have realized that I need to be focused at all times.

By having a plan and organizing my life, I can be one step ahead of the competition. This can then translate into my mentality for competing at my best possible level. I am now used to the structure and use it as my competitive advantage on achieving my ultimate goal, being an Olympian.

Myles Silverman has won six National Titles. 

While attending Hobart and William Smith Colleges , Myles became a two-time USCSA Collegiate National Champion and a two-time First Team All-American.

His goal is to graduate in 2020 and then compete for the U.S. in the 2022 and 2026 Winter Olympics.



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