Sleepy Time Recovery has all the Ingredients to Support Overnight Recovery and Rest, by Katie Elliott, MS, RD

Cocoa Elite has a team of ambassadors that proudly use their products (and love them). This group includes dietitians, coaches, elite athletes, and health-conscious individuals. This group also includes individuals interested in improving their well-being and overall health. The team … Read More

Nutrients of Interest for Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes, by Katie Elliott, MS, RD

Plant-based diets are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Epidemiological research has shown that plant-based diets may lower body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Plant-based diets may also lower the risk of cardiovascular … Read More

Injuries and Motivation , By Julie Benson

Injury – Now What? It’s a runner’s worst fear. It is the dream stealer, self-esteem buster, mental health shaker, and loneliness invader. Why don’t we talk more about the emotions around it? Fear of being weak? Too negative? Not looking … Read More

Cocoa Elite welcomes Susan Kitchen as our Ambassador as a Registered Dietitian – Sports Oriented

Susan Kitchen joins Cocoa Elite as an ambassador Registered Dietitian – Sports Oriented. We are extremely pleased to welcome Susan to our team. Susan Kitchen is the founder of Race Smart, LLC, a sports nutrition and long course coaching business dedicated … Read More

Cocoa Elite it proud to announce support of the Beadling Boys 2003 Soccer Club

100 Years of Beadling Soccer Beadling  Soccer  Club  is  the  oldest  continuously  operating  soccer  club  in  the  country with is roots established around 1989.   Over the past  100+  years,  Beadling  has  built  a  tradition  of  champions based on sportsmanship, … Read More

7 Recipes that will Make Recovery Taste so Good – Lori Nedescu

Have you ever had an amazing workout and found yourself dumbfounded on what to eat next? Or what to eat that will help you recover best? Or how to get the right amount of protein? Well, our ambassador, Lori Nedescu … Read More