Lori Nedescu our Registered Dietitian talks about recovery!

Recovery Nutrition: How to Behave AFTER the Fun. What you do after training is just as important as what you do during. It’s easy to do your training, finish and go about your daily business like nothing happened and be … Read More

Lori Nedescu as a sports-oriented Registered Dietitian for Cocoa Elite LLC

Lori Nedescu joins the Cocoa Elite team of ambassadors as a sports-oriented Registered Dietitian. We are extremely pleased to make this announcement and feel honored to have Lori join our community of experts who want to share their knowledge about … Read More

Esther Erb Atkins talks about ‘the nerves’ leading into a big event

Full Hearts – And Their Taper Tantrums Written by Esther Erb Atkins It’s a good thing my husband, Cole, went back to North Carolina for these last 2 weeks before the Trials because this is the worst time to be … Read More