Winter Running Training Tips, by Brandon Hudgins

Weather you like it or not, winter is arriving (pun intended). The clocks have turned back, the days are shorter, and the wind has extra bite. Getting out the door to exercise is often hard enough, but when winter strikes, … Read More

Understanding Adaptive Sports, by Lauren Wentz

I first became interested in adapted sports when a friend of mine/former patient asked me to run the Boston marathon with him. He suffers from MS, and I became his guide for the race. He runs in the mobility impaired … Read More

How to effectively warm-up as a cyclist? By Chris Mayhew

What should a warm up be? It should be a routine. Race day should feel like any other day in terms of preparation. The same food, the same routines, the same mental game. Don’t do something in warm up you’ve … Read More

The Effects of Yoga on Runners and Endurance Athletes, By Lauren Wentz

Many athletes are reluctant to try yoga. They believe they are not flexible enough or that yoga is just holding static poses for long periods of time and meditating. While some styles of yoga are more restorative and do involve … Read More