Tess Oliver of the QCW Women’s Cycling Team talks about Speed Week!

Speed Week – An Amateur Perspective Racing with the Pros Speed week is a prestigious cycling event, where riders race 6 criteriums in 8 days while touring around North Carolina, South Carolina and a finale in Athens, Georgia. As a … Read More

New Cocoa Elite Ambassador: Track Running Brandon Hudgins

Brandon Hudgins joins our Elite Team of ambassadors as a member of our Track Running group. His passion for the sport of Track and Field overflows and shows in his desire to elevate the sport to new levels. He believes … Read More

Cocoa Elite is proud to announce the support of the All About Smiles Master Cycling Team

The All About Smiles cycling team is a multi-disciplined competitive masters cycling organization based out of Butler Pennsylvania. The All About Smiles Team was formed to enrich the sport of cycling by providing leadership on and off the bike.  They … Read More

New Cocoa Elite Ambassador: Ultra-Distance Runner Michael Owen

Michael Owen joins the Cocoa Elite team as a Ultra-Distance Running Ambassador. We are extremely pleased to make this announcement. Read on to learn more about Michael’s running focused on long distances. Michael loves to run. Not just running but running very … Read More

Lori Nedescu our Registered Dietitian talks about recovery!

Recovery Nutrition: How to Behave AFTER the Fun. What you do after training is just as important as what you do during. It’s easy to do your training, finish and go about your daily business like nothing happened and be … Read More