In The Spotlight – Anne Torrez

It took a long time for Anne to consider herself an athlete…. 2009: Anne was 27, newly married…and miserable. No, she didn’t marry the wrong guy. She knew Sean was right for her shortly after meeting him. She didn’t know … Read More

It’s the Little Things- How to Turn Exercise from an Activity into a Lifestyle, By Amanda Eccleston

Not everyone can be a professional athlete, and that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle instead of being the best possible athlete you can be! One of the main things that sets professional athletes apart is what … Read More

In the Spotlight – Caitlin Hewitt

Normally our “In the Spotlight” features individual accomplishments or highlights someone who we have discovered. In the past, we have blogged about their achievements or their ability to overcome significant odds. Caitlin Hewitt is a bit of a departure from … Read More