Being Mentally Prepared by Amanda Eccleston

Mental preparation: So much thought and planning goes into designing workouts, mapping out racing seasons, and making sure to get every last mile in. Creating a training plan is an essential part of reaching your goals and continuing to improve. … Read More

Tess Oliver of the QCW Women’s Cycling Team talks about Speed Week!

Speed Week – An Amateur Perspective Racing with the Pros Speed week is a prestigious cycling event, where riders race 6 criteriums in 8 days while touring around North Carolina, South Carolina and a finale in Athens, Georgia. As a … Read More

Lori Nedescu our Registered Dietitian talks about recovery!

Recovery Nutrition: How to Behave AFTER the Fun. What you do after training is just as important as what you do during. It’s easy to do your training, finish and go about your daily business like nothing happened and be … Read More

Why Is Recovery Nutrition Post Work Out Important? By Dr. Kumar, Sports Nutritionist

Recovery nutrition after exercise is primarily focused on the “3 R’s”: refueling, rehydrate and repair. Carbohydrates and protein are two essential nutrients for resynthesizing glycogen, reducing protein breakdown and increasing muscle protein synthesis, and improving performance during the next bout of … Read More