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If you workout more than an hour at a clip, or in high temperatures, or both, this is the endurance drink for you! I live in a snowy climate and 5 months a year live on my cycling trainer in my hot, pain cave of a basement. Queue the metaphorical super hero cape of the ELITE Endurance. Peppermint chocolate? Sounds crazy, right? I thought so too, but it’s amazing. The formulation is perfect for long runs and rides between 1 and 4 hours, and the peppermint actually cools me off, letting me maximize power output, despite high heat environments. I cannot recommend this enough for performance and flavor!


I’m an endurance athlete and weight training is a huge part of building a strong platform for ultra distance events. To maximize my lifts, I’ve been mixing up whey protein shakes for years. . . But when I tried out everyday cocoa whey, my MIND was BLOWN! Instead of gasping down chalky, gross tasting protein powder full of god knows what chemicals, my taste buds were singing in ECSTASY! The mad scientists at Cocoa Elite nailed it with an ALL NATURAL, cocoa based whey that MIXES WELL and TASTES AWESOME. I was already mixing protein with coffee as a pick me up after a workout, but these geniuses cut the middle man and made a coffee cocoa that TASTES GREAT! And the double cocoa? Don’t even get me started. King Midas himself never tasted such RICHNESS. The arctic cocoa is a blast, too. Peppermint and chocolate after a hard WOD in a 90 degree gym is the perfect confluence of delicious, cooling, fuel. Do yourself a favor and try it.


I’m not a vegan, but I certainly appreciate the all natural ingredients in this protein product! You can feel good about fueling up with this all natural quality product. It has a great peanut taste that I eat by itself as well as mix into things like oatmeal. There are only 4 ingredients in this protein so you can feel good about how you are fueling up for your next big workout, race, or adventure. Cocoa Elite are good people making great high quality products!


My girlfriend and I like this so much that we mix it with sweetened almond milk and drink it as a dessert. It’s that good.


I have tried a lot of recovery drinks in my day and this one by far stands out as one of the best! Great tasting and all natural. Mixes up really well with no clumps or grit. My favorite thing about the Cocoa Elite products is what goes in them in or should I say what doesn’t! Just look at the long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce or spell in most recovery drinks and compare it to the very short list of all natural ingredients in Cocoa Elite products. What are there like 3-4 total natural ingredients?! Cocoa Elite is good people make great wholesome products to fuel the modern athlete!

–  Scott O stars


I can not begin to say how much I love this product! I’ve tried many vegan, and non-vegan protein powders, and this one is definitely a favorite! The taste is fantastic, and not too sweet. The texture is great, and not gritty or chalky as many powders tend to be. This is great to enjoy as is, or blended with almond milk and a banana!

– Monica  stars


I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years, and finding vegan protein supplements that don’t taste like peas or artificial flavors is a challenge. Usually I end up having to disguise them just to make the flavor palatable. Cocoa Elite Complete Body Vegan Protein is the best tasting vegan protein supplement I have ever found. It provides the right macronutrient balance for recovery and performance without being overly sweet and is satisfying enough to replace the occasional meal for the athlete on the go. I would recommend this to even non-vegan athletes. What’s better than a healthy sports nutrition option that tastes like a peanut butter cup?


Whey protein has become synonymous with working out, and for good reason; it’s a readily available, highly digestible form of protein with a complete compliment of amino acids. Without other additives, raw whey is bitter and highly unpalatable, which is why nutrition supplement manufacturers add flavoring and, often, a large amount of sugar. I’ve been using some form of whey protein for over a decade as part of my fitness nutrition regimen. What I like about Cocoa Elite Everyday Whey is lightly sweet flavor, the fact that it is sweetened with stevia instead of sugar or sugar alcohols (which can cause a reverse-osmosis effect in the gut following rigorous exercise — not good!), and the simplicity and purity of ingredients. It provides the vegetarian protein I need to recover and perform without an ingredients list as long as my forearm, mixes very easily with a shaker or a blender, and tastes fine mixed with water (I often opt for almond milk). I’m happy with this product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for athletes and recreationally active people seeking a high-quality protein supplement.


Having a lactose sensitivity, I have tried various vegan protein powders but hadn’t found one that I loved until Cocoa Elite. It is so smooth and feels like a chocolate treat! I am an avid triathlete and have used it after hard workouts, but also on days when I’m on the go and just need a pick me up! My husband and kids give it a big thumbs up too and we fight for the last sip!


I am an elite masters endurance athlete who just completed iron man ohio 70.3. where I qualified for the world championships. I used this product on the run portion and it gave me the extra boost I needed on a hot day. I experienced no cramping or digestive issues what so ever. I was also lucky enough to use this product in the testing phase. It is now the only product I use while I’m training as it supplies me with everything I need to get through my workouts. I highly recommend this to any athlete looking to improve there performance.


Loved the new Cocoa Banana Elite endurance I mixed one half of the pack into water before a trail marathon Taste- yum, strong enough that my chocolate taste buds were happy I sipped on it for the first 6 miles I could tell an energy boost was there – hydrated as well! Stomach perfect


I was lucky enough to help test and refine this product. It’s amazing the benefit I noticed from just about a week of using the product regularly. In fact I got rid of my other endurance products and look forward to only using this product. Thank you Cocoa Elite for listening to athletes about developing products.

– James stars


Since our club started using CocoaElite recovery protein I believe my recovery time after long runs and hard workouts has decreased. I really like the chocolate flavored powder added to a smoothie. My new go to meal

– Ellie R. stars


Having tried several protein powders over the years I have finally found a non-dairy product that doesn’t cause GI distress. Having just a smoothie for lunch keeps me satisfied until my next meal. Then to top it off the peanut butter/chocolate flavor is a reeses lovers dream!


I am very picky about the clothes that I wear. Call it sensory issues or what not, but I find most shirts (both workout and casual) to be itchy, constricting or too tight in the armpits or neck. The cocoa elite shirt is soft, fits to size (I am 5’1″, 115 pounds and a size sits perfectly around my body/waist). The material is comfortable for a light workout, wearing all day, or even sleeping in! I have both colors and absolutely love the message, “fueled to be elite” as I pride myself on using the cocoa elite products AND working hard as an athlete 🙂

– Julie  stars

OMG Soft!

The fabric on these is ridiculously soft and a selling feature in and of itself. I bought one in red for my girlfriend and she already demanded a blue/grey one as well so that she can wear them more often.

– David  stars


This is my new favorite “Packet Pickup” Shirt. The fabric is super soft, but thin and breathable so it makes for a great casual wear T. As most of us like to show off at race expos, this is my new expo shirt, because who doesn’t want to have the word “Elite” printed across their chest pre-race? Love the red! Medium has a little bit of a relaxed fit on my triathlete frame, so I’m going to get the Heather/Slate in small for a more athletic fit.


I drink one cup of hot chocolate daily, so I was thrilled to see that CocoaElite has their own Cocoa!! I first tried one tablespoon in my normal Cocoa- the flavor deepened with dark chocolate- so nice. I then made no bake cookies- with CocoaElite Cocoa, oatmeal, peanut butter, and coconut oil. Double yum- the cookies had a deeper taste and dense nutrition. Hooked. I have thus added CocoaElite Cocoa to my daily performance routine of nutrition-I add one tablespoon to my post workout shake and one tablespoon to my nightly Cocoa. Thank you for a splendid product to enhance my athletic needs!

– Alicia stars


I was very excited to try CocoaElite’s complete body recovery protein powder. I have tried many over the past year, not happy with the content and taste. As I run 80-100 miles weekly, recovery from workouts is paramount. I used half of the sample pack and mixed it with Almond Vanilla milk. I drank this 1 hour post a hard run session of 13 miles. I have a hard time ingesting food for 2 to 3 hours after a workout, so I drink a recovery drink instead. The taste was super chocolaty and sweet- perfect to my liking. My stomach as happy and calm. I did not feel too full in the least, I felt satisfied and my taste buds were smiling. I would highly recommend CocoaElite’s complete body recovery protein for athletes with immediate recovery needs for top performance.

– Alicia stars


I’ve very particular about what I put in my body, and plant-based proteins are by far my preference. As a chocolate-lover, this is a winner, hands-down. The chocolate and peanut butter flavors are tasty and distinct, without leaving any lingering after-taste, and I feel replenished on my way to recovery.


After a run I usually need something to eat to get my blood sugar up. Chocolate milk has been my favorite go to but after trying Cocoa Elite I have a new favorite. The taste was wonderfully smooth and I was satisfied after drinking it. The other plus is that I did not have that icky stomach feeling like I do after consuming most things after a run. I recommend this to everyone!

–  Danielle stars


I’m a big fan of chocolate milk after a hard run. Lately I’ve been sitting in my car drinking hot chocolate! I was given the opportiunity to sample both the complete body recovery protein and the vegan option. The first time I used the complete protein powder with water and it was okay, but not as filling as my unhealthy chocolate milk. So the second time I mixed it with milk and I enjoyed it much more! I wouldn’t be able to give it to my kids & trick them into thinking it’s chocolate milk, but compared to other protein powders I’ve tried I really liked it. I like that I still get that chocolate taste but without the additional chemicals of chocolate syrup! I didn’t think I would like the vegan pack–but I’m a sucker for chocolate and peanut butter. I was pleasantly surprised! I’m a middle of the pack runner who likes to do speedwork for fun and runs for sanity. I’ll definitely be adding this to my routine!

–  Jedimama   stars


This bottle works well. Easy flow highly usable.

– Jim    stars


This product is amazing! I am an avid endurance athlete with several unfortunate dietary restrictions. I have been searching for years for a non-dairy protein powder that tastes good! The Cocoa Elite Vegan Protein blew my mind! It tastes delicious and has the nutrition to help me recover properly from long bike rides, runs, and swims. Usually products that have Stevia in them taste way too much like stevia, but I cannot even detect it in this product. I will definitely be ordering more of this!

 Chocolate milk…but better!

Chocolate milk has long been the endurance athlete’s secret weapon for recovery, delivering a desirable 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio for replenishing glycogen and repairing muscle. One of the biggest challenges for me, working in elite cycling, is either keeping a refrigerated product cold where ice and refrigeration are unavailable, or finding room in an already over-filled supply box for shelf stable liquid product; it’s frustrating and poorly serves my athletes. The thing I like most about Cocoa Elite Complete Body Recovery Protein is that it offers the benefits of chocolate milk with superior availability of cocoa flavanols, and it mixes easily with water for a great-tasting recovery drink. I’m sold.

 Great taste and maximum recovery!

Great taste and maximum recovery! As a 36 year old professional athlete, recovery continues to play an important part of my nutrition plan. I was tired of the sports drink type flavor recovery drink and I was so fortunate to find Cocoa Elite. Not only does the new vegan product taste amazing, but it works. I use the product after each of my workout sessions that either include intensity or are over 1 hour in duration and it helps me bounce back faster and stronger for the next session. Age continues to be just a number and I’m very happy to have Cocoa Elite on my side and I stand behind their product as the #1 recovery drink on the market hands down!!!

 Best protein powder I have ever used!

I absolutely love the taste of CocoaElite and am extremely impressed with how well it supports my recovery after my long runs. I have never been one to enjoy protein shakes, but CocoaElite has changed that for me. I look forward to it after my runs. I will be getting back into my cross-training season soon and will be doing more weight training. I’m excited to see my results with CocoaElite. I highly recommend it!!!

– Holly M. stars

Great plant based option!

There are plenty of vegan based protein powders on the market, but very few that are chocolate and peanut butter! This is such a refreshing and delicious alternative to the typical pea based powders. I recommend this to any athlete who is sensitive to soy, dairy, and egg and also those who are sensitive to taste in general. You won’t be disappointed!

Great Taste

Easily the best tasting recovery drink I’ve ever tried, including the original Cocoa Elite. The lower protein levels provide a better balance than the “protein slam, body builder recovery drinks” that are out there and is way easier on my stomach. I’d recommend to anyone.


I work with pro cyclists and endurance athletes in my job, and I’m constantly looking for products to give my clients a competitive edge. I’m impressed with the research on cocoa flavanols enriching everything from circulatory function to ……, and Cocoa Elite is a superior product to deliver these benefits. I drink it in my morning espresso; it’s the best mocha I have ever tasted, hands down! …….. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a delicious, easy, and effective method of adding flavanols to a healthy diet.


This is a very nice product! Unlike other sports recovery drinks, this one doesn’t taste like chalk! Thanks for letting me try it! I’m looking forward to experimenting with it some more in different ways!


I love chocolate, but always found chocolate milk to be too thick and syrupy, even the low-fat kind. Cocoa Elite is delicious, mixes to just the right consistency, and I know that it is balanced with just the right amounts of nutrients for optimum recovery. I put a single-pack in my dry bag during my marathon. After crossing the finish line I could barely walk, but I downed my Cocoa Elite right away, and that night and the next day I felt better than I ever had post-marathon!


Ran a 26 miler recent weekend, of course got home feeling my body breaking down, stiff and etc. Within 10 minutes or so of drinking this product, I could feel my strength building back up again. Not only does it taste good, it is far better than donuts after the run, it’s exactly what my body needed for a recovery.

 TASTES SO GOOD! And aids my recovery!

I love the taste of Cocoa Elite! I always hated gulping down a chalky, nasty tasting beverage after workouts and this is no longer the case with Cocoa Elite! I get something that tastes great with all the benefits of an awesome recovery drink. This season my workouts have been longer and more intense and I thank Cocoa Elite for providing my muscles with the nutrition they need to come back the next day and hit another hard workout. I’ve used the protein mix in recovery brownies, smoothies, almond milk, and oatmeal. I can’t wait to try more recipes!


I am a very active 45-year-old male being trained by Kelly Fillnow of http://fillnowcoaching.com/. For several years I have used Chocolate flavored Recoverite for my recovery drink. If I am out of town working, then I typically buy a chocolate milk for recovery. Several months ago Coach Kelly recommended Cocoa Elite and passed along a discount since I was one of her clients. I bought the large size container of Cocoa Elite and immediately began using it after tough workouts. I typically mix two scoops with water in a 20-24 oz. water bottle which I think may be weaker than you recommend but I love it. My only complaint is that it does tend to coagulate more than Recoverite. A small nozzle water bottle is too small so it’s best to use a “blender bottle” or “smoothie bottle”. I was surprised how it taste more like real chocolate milk, more so than Recoverite….. I plan to use this solely as my recovery drink and at times even mix it with some fruits for a recovery smoothie. I’ve recommended it to others and with the hotter days ahead of us I see the increased benefits from Cocoa Elite.



 I cant believe that something that tastes this great has so many health benefits! With cocoa elite you are able to satisfy your chocolate cravings without feeling bad about what you are putting in your body

– Adam   stars

 Results Don’t Lie

I did a 5 week trial supplementing this powder …. It seems like this stuff works, so try it for yourself!


Cocoa Elite makes a unique product that tastes great, but is significant in its ability to help athletes recover after a tough workout. I recommend this product to my athletes. Especially those preparing for a marathon, half Ironman or Ironman. They need a product like Cocoa Elite to maintain the high performance and long workouts they need to complete on a regular basis. Personally, I love the product for its simplicity. I have celiac disease and knowing I have a quality gluten free product that aids me in my recovery and tastes fantastic. Thank you Cocoa Elite for all you do to help athletes and individuals with this amazing product.


“As a 63 year old active in the process of recovering

It mixes well with coffee and tastes fantastic !!

Great Product I Love it :)”

–  Charlie stars


“For the past 2 months, I have been drinking Cocoa Elite after each of my CrossFit workouts, which I do 5-6 days each week. It has really helped my recovery. I have no soreness from the intense workouts that we do. I look forward to drinking it because it is really a great tasting product!!!”

– Allen   stars


“This product is fantastic! As an athlete the recovery protein is doing wonders on my performances and overall health. I can really see a difference from now and before I started using Cocoa Elite. It also taste great! I love everything about it!”

Felicia   stars


“Love the taste! Even better, love the fact that there are a MINIMUM amount of ingredients in this product, which personally is an important consideration. Have used this in a wide variety of smoothies, mochas, and other drinks, and all have been delicious. Five ++ stars!”

– Autumn  stars


“I was surprised by the great taste of this product! I had a sample after my race and it really was like drinking a ” healthy ” hot chocolate! I would definitely use this product again!”

– Mary K   stars


“Some things are meant to be shared and the benefits of Cocoa Elite is something I want to share.
I am a 68 year young widow. I live in a cabin in the woods and am very much into nature and the natural way of life. Cocoa Elite was very appealing to me for that reason, plus who doesn’t love chocolate?!

I start each day by putting Cocoa Elite’s unsweetened cocoa into my coffee. My day not only starts with my favorite beverage, coffee, but also with my ultimate flavor, chocolate, in it’s purest form from Cocoa Elite.

Thank you for such a great product!!!”

 Nikki W.  stars


“I must admit, I have quite a sweet tooth and especially love chocolate! When I first heard about Cocoa Elite Complete Body Recovery Protein, I loved the health benefits and was excited to try it. Little did I know that it would also satisfy my chocolate cravings as well! I am forever a Cocoa Elite fan!”

– Jessica H.  stars


“Just love Cocoa Elite Complete Body Unsweetened Cocoa. It’s so easy to use. I have tried it in my oatmeal with cinnamon and it is great. But my favorite is the smoothies I make with Greek yogurt, berries (whatever I have), a banana and crushed iced. My day isn’t complete “Cocoa Elite Complete” unless I have a smoothie. And, it is helping my circulatory system as well as my overall health. Try and, you can’t go wrong.”



“What’s not to love about a product that tastes great, provides you with the healthy benefits of cocoa, AND has a ingredient list that isn’t concerning? Well done Cocoa Elite, well done.”

– Chad Y.  stars


“Complete body recovery never tasted so good. Heat up some coconut milk and mix in the recovery mix for a delicious fall treat. Enjoyed having it at the ABRA event!”

– Nathanial  stars


“I needed something for my  … son to have after playing a 70 minute game of soccer and knowing he also has a game two hours later. Cocoa-elite gave him the right amount of recovery and he loves the taste.”

– Kristy F.  stars


“It was neat to try a chocolate recovery drink since you hear how good chocolate milk is for recovery after hard efforts. I was pleased by the taste after trying it after the last ABRA event. Will keep using this product!”

– Birk   Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.22.15 AM


“Got three samples of this at the ABRA Kick-Off CX (yes, I did three races) and had one mixed with soy milk after the last race.Next day I felt great and raced well again.
This past weekend I did the Charm City CX; after the first day I upped the ante by mixing it with soy milk AND coffee, and raced even better the second day. It’s the new bomb!
Thanks so much.”

– Gunner S.  stars


“Mixes easily and consistently. Fantastic flavor and a must for that immediate post ride recovery drink and again for a second round to continue to feed and aid your muscle recovery……….you will find these pouches in my backpack at the Hilly Billy Roubaix!!

– David  stars


“I am an elite level marathon runner and full time endurance athlete. I used this product after my Iron Man 70.3 In Benton Harbor MI. It greatly enhanced my recovery. I had very little fatigue or soreness the next day and I instantly felt refreshed. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to speed up recovery time.”

– Scott R.  stars


“I’ve used the cocoa elite recovery powder after the last four cyclocross races I’ve done (two double weekends). I’ve noticed I have more energy and spunk the day after the race, whereas I am sometimes “totalled” after two-race weekends.
Thank you, cocoa elite, for your support of ABRA cyclocross events.”

– Stephanie  stars


“A very good tasting protein product. Would like to see a bit more protein in each serving. 12 grams is decent but recovery may be better with 25 to 30 grams after hard workouts. Thanks so much for providing chance to try your product at ABRA race event last weekend. Enjoyed your product.”

– Kim B.  Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.22.15 AM


“Cocoa Elite is a great product. A friend told me about it

I give Cocoa Elite my highest recommendation. It works for me, hope it works for you. I use mine daily in a smoothie with only milk and crushed ice. Enjoy.”

– Terry Y.  stars


“I am very particular when it comes to my protein drinks. I was totally wowed by the flavor, how it mixed and surprisingly filling it was. I started using Complete Body Recovery Protein as a replacement to Ensure. My doctor agreed that the Cocoa Elite product is an all natural healthy replacement, so I am now using it daily. Now I get the added protein along with a product which is good for my circulatory system. Thank you Cocoa Elite.”

– Sandy P.  stars


“As a chocolate lover I finally found a recovery drink that is good for you and great tasting. I’ll be a customer for life…..”

– Henry R.  stars


“Cocoa Elite is a great tasting product that I use daily. I finally look forward to the post workout shake.”

– Nick B.  stars


“… One scoop in my morning coffee is as good as any coffeehouse café mocha! Thanks Cocoa Elite”

– Pat L.  stars


“Loved how easy it mixed and it only has three ingredients. What took you so long to start selling. I’ve been looking for something like this a long time. Thank you.”

– Magee M.  stars

1st TRY

“I just drank my first mix and first I gotta say great taste just like sweet chocolate milk. Finally a nutritional drink I didn’t need a blender for this dissolved easily with some stirring, of course, in ice cold water. Usually when trying a new product I’ll do half and drink it slow but I didn’t make it out of the kitchen. I will post again when actual results other than flavor and ease of use are available. Thanks to the creators I think you may have a home run you gotta get some advertising on this!!!”

– Anthony.  stars