Why is Strength Training Important to Women

One of the most efficient ways of eliminating excess body fats and keeping the body physically fit is through nurturing adequate muscle mass. Most of us, especially the aging population, need to practice resistance exercises to develop muscle mass. Some women subscribe to the ideology that aerobic exercise is the only method of losing weight.

They indulge in aerobic activities as often as five times per week, hoping to attain a desired body weight. However, to their disappointment, they still have the issue of low muscle mass since aerobic exercises provide little gain in transforming and adding muscles.

Studies have established that intense exercise such as weightlifting serves a noble purpose in building muscle mass. Here are some reasons why it is necessary for women to participate in weightlifting exercises:

Weightlifting helps women burn extra fat from their bodies.

Research reveals that overweight women who participate in weightlifting exercise twice a week lose approximately 3.5 pounds of fat. Additionally, they gain 1.4 pounds of muscle. The findings establish that women who lift weights are more advantaged compared to their counterparts who diet only.

It helps women become physically stronger.

Women need physical strength to keep them fit to handle their daily tasks, making them more independent and relying less on others for assistance. Women who nurture the habit of frequently lifting weights enhance their functional fitness. This enables them to perform tasks such as picking up heavy objects.

Evidence from research has established that women who train moderately boost their strength by 30 or 50 percent above their standard capability. Separate studies have indicated that women can develop strength at the same rate as men if they indulge in resistance activities such as weightlifting.

Weightlifting helps women minimize the risk of osteoporosis.

The combination of weight lifting and diet strengthens women’s body defense mechanisms against osteoporosis. Training associated with weightlifting combined with a sufficient amount of calcium and protein-rich foods boosts the spinal bone mineral density.

Weight lifting helps women reduce their vulnerability to physical injuries, back pains, and some cases of some arthritis.

Besides building stronger muscles, vigorous exercise helps enhances the development of connective tissues and boosts the stability of the joints. Strong joints protect the body from possible injuries. Strengthening the low-back muscles assists the body with eliminating possible back-pains. Studies have established that women who frequently indulge in weightlifting alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis and strengthen their body joints.

It reduces their vulnerability to heart-related diseases and diabetes.

According to a report published by the American Heart Association, pumping of iron through healthy exercise minimizes the risk of heart diseases. A study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that women who participate in weightlifting had a lower risk of developing heart diseases.

A Brazilian-based study also established that heart rate and blood pressure in patients increased when performing a strenuous exercise. However, both returned to normal after the practice. The patients consequently recorded an improvement in their health.

Participating in weight training boosts the body’s ability to process sugar. This reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Studies have revealed that adult women who participate in weightlifting exercises are less likely to develop heart complications of diabetes compared to their counterparts who do not indulge in weight training.

Women who participate in weightlifting exercise improve their athletic performance.

The intense nature of lifting weights strengthens a women’s athletic ability. This is accomplished by subjecting them to strenuous activities that train their bodies to endure the pressure of exercise. Women golfers who lift weights see improvements with their driving power when playing golf. Whereas cyclists enhance their ability to cycle for greater distances before succumbing to fatigue.

Women who lift weights hoping to remain physically fit and healthy need to combine their training with proper nutrition. This combination will help them achieve their objectives.

Weightlifting helps women manage their stress and other pressures that life subjects them to.

There is no more efficient way of handling stress than through exercise. In separate studies, researchers have established that women who strength train reserve a higher hand in managing stress compared to those who do not participate in any exercise. Everyone wants to feel not only healthy but also confident and determined in all their activities. Women should add strength training to their activities to manage their daily stress and stay healthy.

In conclusion, women can achieve all of these goals through strength training.




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  1. I like that you explain how strength training can help minimize the risk of osteoporosis to improve the spinal bone. This would be useful to help you live more comfortably as you get older and not have to worry about broken bones and other health concerns. If someone wants strength training, it would probably be a good idea to research the various instructors and studios in their area to learn about their program and specialties to figure out which one can help them with minimizing health risks, improving their confidence, and any other benefits they’re looking for.

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