Samantha Fox discusses tips for Winter Motivation

Winter motivation specifically, training in the winter, can be…

just as motivating as commuting to my classes in the freezing rain.  Goals seem incredibly far away, always in the future. Training becomes much more of a challenge. Although I have a tight schedule, the first 20 minutes of my rides tend to begin like this:


Cuddling Freddy the cat

Although target races seem far away, winter training is critical. So when the sun won’t stop hiding and the cold threatens to freeze your muscles, you need a game plan to keep your motivation high. I have a couple tricks that keep me on top:

My first action is to set reminders. This year, my first target race is a long hilly road race during the Spring. I have the date in my calendar, and each week I get a reminder that tells me how far away the race is.  As time gets closer, I become much more excited about training and my mental intensity builds tremendously. I have a lot of self-motivation as it is—I love training, racing, and performing well, but sometimes I need that reminder. The reminder also helps me envision how I want the race to play out.  Making the lead group up over the hilltops and ultimately rolling my tire across the finish line first.

Create that vision in your head and replay it over and over—you won’t let go of your dream.

If self-motivation is a challenge for you, friend-accountability is key. I have a couple of friends who, when our motivation is low, reach out to each other. We may end up doing a joint ride if we can schedule it, and if not, we at least encourage each other to get excited and energized to get on the bike – kitting up is the hardest part! From there on out, you can let the pedals take you away. No matter how much you love something, you’re always going to have down days, and a friend to bring you up on these days can make all the difference—find an accountability buddy!

Now with all that motivation, it’s important to remember that training breaks your muscles down to make you stronger. Thus, proper recovery is just as important as completing all your workouts. After a leg sizzling crusher of a 4 hours hilly endurance ride this past weekend, I returned home wiped, laid back on the couch, feet raise, frothy Cocoa Elite with unsweetened almond milk in hand.

Feeling refreshed now, I’m looking forward to crushing my training plan this week!



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