Cocoa Elite products helps World Champion Tony Migliozzi recover after his long runs

The Secret Ingredient – By Tony Migliozzi


Training has been in full force. I’ve been training very hard since June 2015, with very minimal rest or any long period of recovery. My training started with getting into shape by running several 150 mile weeks in the heat of the summer. It seems I’ve been trying to maintain my sharpness ever since. Why? well I am running in the upcoming Olympic Trials race this February.

tony usaOnce I had a few miles logged, I started to enter a few races. Some of the highlights were: the Gold Jacket National 5k in September where I squeaked out a victory. Then the Chicago Marathon in October where I finished 15th overall in 2:17:44. My next memorable accomplishment had me travel all the way to Qatar to represent the USA in the 50k World Championship. I was very fortunate and blessed to become a World Champion.

Of course there were races in between. I traveled to Cleveland and ran a half marathon in 1:06 on a challenging and windy course. I won a race in jeans and a long sleeve flannel in 1:09 at the Second Sole Made in America local half marathon. I also won a 5k in a pink shirt to support the Eva Marie Gallagher Memorial Fund.

I’ve felt like I’ve shown good range from closing tactical 5k’s in 4:30, maintaining a 5:04 pace on a tough half marathon course, averaging 5:15 per mile at the Chicago marathon, and racing against world-class athletes in a 50k race. This was one of the most difficult courses I’ve ever participated in at a 5:32 pace.

Racing the range of races from a 5k to a 50k within a couple of months is a big difference. I was happy with how I, and my body dealt with the change in distance racing.
With all that being said, I don’t think any of it would have been possible without the help from others. Friends and strangers alike helped me throughout my training, supporting my cause and believing in me.

One of the many supporters was Cocoa Elite. Around the time all this training began I started using their products. With how much I was beating up my body with not only the training, but the traveling, I could use all the help I could get. After not only the hard sessions, but the easier ones, I was ingesting the Cocoa Elite powder with water. I felt more recovered than I had before and I contribute that to the Cocoa Elite products.

Honestly, their products tastes really good and it has been a huge factor in my recovery. I would recommend Cocoa Elite to anyone that is training rather intensely, or for someone who just wants a good chocolate tasting healthy drink. I personally didn’t realize all the damage I was doing to my body after those tough sessions. Using Cocoa Elite for a few months now, it’s really quickened my recovery process. The healthy protein that Cocoa Elite provides has been working really well in my routine. Now when you add that to the cocoa flavanols you have a product meant to be enjoyed and further provide a benefit to your body.  I think a lot of people would be surprised at how much it would help them. When they asked me to be an ambassador, one criteria they had was that I must honestly enjoy and believe in their product. That’s easy for me to do!

I will continue to keep Cocoa Elite in my arsenal while I train for the Olympic Trials in Los Angeles in February, because I’ve never felt better.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

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